Emotional geographies of Italian transnational spaces

Francesco Ricatti   University of the Sunshine Coast

CSR 19(2)The new issue of Cultural Studies Review (volume 19 issue 2) includes a section I have co-edited with Maurizio Marinelli on Emotional geographies of the uncanny: reinterpreting Italian transnational spaces. Our aim was to read transnational spaces constructed and inhabited by Italian migrants and settlers to Australasia as emotional spaces of uncanny perceptions, memories, narratives and identities. Drawing inspiration from the Freudian suggestions about the uncanny (das unheimliche), and later interpretations by Heiddeger, Derrida, Kristeva, Bhabha, Žižek, and Ahmed, we refer to the uncanny as the emotional reaction to something that is, at the same time, familiar and unfamiliar, homely and unhomely. The uncanny then becomes an aesthetic frame through which experiences of migration and colonialism can be read and interpreted. How have Italians experienced the strange un/familiarity of the places to which they have migrated or that they have colonised in Australasia? And, in the process of familiarising the unfamiliar, how have they perceived the strange familiarity of the newly emerged ‘Italian’ spaces that they have first constructed and then inhabited, outside the boundaries of the Italian Nation, and often within the space of other essentialist Nations? Furthermore, how have they related to the places they have left in Italy: the places to which they have progressively become strangers yet have continued to constitute a central element of their subjectivity?

All articles are open source and creative commons (attribution), and can be downloaded in pdf.

Emotional Geographies of the Uncanny

Emotional Geographies of the Uncanny: Reinterpreting Italian Transnational Spaces
Maurizio Marinelli, Francesco Ricatti
Uncanny Exposures: Mobility, Repetition and Desire in Front of a Camera
Giorgia Alu
The Interstitial Language and Transnational Experience
Paolo Bartoloni
The Triumph of the Uncanny: Italians and Italian Architecture in Tianjin
Maurizio Marinelli
Italian Transnational Spaces in Japan: Doing Racialised, Gendered and Sexualised Occidentalism
Toshio Miyake
The Emotion of Truth and the Racial Uncanny: Aborigines and Sicilians in Australia
Francesco Ricatti
Oggetti Spaesati, Unhomely Belongings: Objects, Migrations and Cultural Apocalypses
Ilaria Vanni
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