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Seminars by Paolo Bartoloni in Sydney, 11-12 Sept 2014

11 Sept. University of Sydney: The creative investment of multiculturalism and the transnational (contact Giorgia Alù for details)

12 Sept. UTS: Meaningful Places and Meaningful Lives (contact Gloria De Vincenti for details)

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Seminars by Paolo Bartoloni in Melbourne, 2-8 Sept 2014

2 Sept. Swinburne University: Svevo’s “ordigni”: writing, technology and modern life in La coscienza di Zeno. (Contact Sabina Sestigiani for details)

3 Sept. RISM/IIC: Italo Svevo and James Joyce: affinities and differences. (6.30 pm, Italian Cultural Institute, 233 Domain Rd, S.Yarra)

4 Sept. Monash University: Meaningful Places and Meaningful Lives. (Contact Rita Wilson or Leah Gerber for details)

8 Sept. Melbourne University: Transcultural expression and the threshold between commercial tourism and cognitive experience. (Contact John Hajek for details)

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Annie Chartres Vivanti: Transnational Politics, Identity, and Culture

Sharon Wood   University of Leicester

UnknownAnnie Chartres Vivanti (1866–1942), born in England to an Italian political refugee and his German wife, spending formative years also in Switzerland and the United States before finally settling in Italy with her Sinn Fein activist-husband, enjoyed an extraordinarily prolific and successful career as an author, playwright, journalist and singer. She spoke and wrote in different languages, negotiated multiple religious and political contexts and signalled her existential and cultural nomadism by using a variety of noms de plume: Annie Vivanti, Annie Vivanti Chartres, Anita Vivanti Chartres, Anita Chartres. Now largely forgotten, her work is in fact not only of considerable interest for the history of Italian literature and the performing arts but also deserves a significant place in contemporary debates on translation and bilingual issues involving authors working in Italy.

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Emotional geographies of Italian transnational spaces

Francesco Ricatti   University of the Sunshine Coast

CSR 19(2)The new issue of Cultural Studies Review (volume 19 issue 2) includes a section I have co-edited with Maurizio Marinelli on Emotional geographies of the uncanny: reinterpreting Italian transnational spaces. Our aim was to read transnational spaces constructed and inhabited by Italian migrants and settlers to Australasia as emotional spaces of uncanny perceptions, memories, narratives and identities. Drawing inspiration from the Freudian suggestions about the uncanny (das unheimliche), and later interpretations by Heiddeger, Derrida, Kristeva, Bhabha, Žižek, and Ahmed, we refer to the uncanny as the emotional reaction to something that is, at the same time, familiar and unfamiliar, homely and unhomely. The uncanny then becomes an aesthetic frame through which experiences of migration and colonialism can be read and interpreted. Continue reading

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