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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-71

220px-Tapiro_d'Oro‘Ragazzi, stasera la notizia striscia, il gabibbo gongola, e il tapiro dorme.’ ‘Ma c’è anche un non so che di vitello nell’aria.’ ‘Infatti, è quello addomesticato che vive tra le polveri ministeriali e esce soltanto per portare un comunicato in tv.’ Confusi? Tranquilli, Concetta spiegherà tutto…

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Masterpiece: Italy’s new literary talent show

Brigid Maher   La Trobe University

Sala208-660x369While we often hear that Italians aren’t big readers, it seems the country is full of aspiring authors. This week saw the premiere on Rai 3 of Masterpiece, billed as “il primo talent letterario al mondo”. The winner will have the chance to publish their book with Bompiani, in 100,000 copies, and this must have been a very appealing prospect to the country’s unpublished writers, because the producers received 5000 manuscripts from would-be contestants across the country. Continue reading

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Translating humour (without being too funny)

Brigid Maher    La Trobe University

I’ve recently been faced with an unusual challenge related to the translation of humour: how to be unfunny, or rather, how to translate bad jokes and catchphrases in all their punny, cheesy glory.

Humour translation is widely considered an especially tricky undertaking and it has been the focus of much of my research until now. Contrary to what some people think, humour can be translated. It sometimes requires creativity and reinvention, but then so do lots of other areas of translation. Continue reading

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