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David Moss   ANU

Friends, colleagues and readers of his many works will have heard with great sadness of the sudden death of Guido Martinotti, one of Italy’s foremost sociologists and public intellectuals, on December 5 at the age of 74.

Guido Martinotti – @foto: uninews24

Guido Martinotti – @foto: uninews24

Born and educated in Milan, he was largely trained as a sociologist in the United States, thanks to a Harkness Fellowship which provided for a period of extended study in American universities – in his case, Columbia and the University of California at Santa Barbara where he became an annual visiting professor after 1986.

Other beneficiaries of Harkness and Fulbright awards who belong roughly to his own generation and who drew similar inspiration from what was then the primary frontier of sociology include Gianfranco Poggi, Alberto Martinelli, Franco Ferraresi and Marino Regini. Collectively they played a major role in establishing the development of sociological research in Italy, investigating the impact of modernity across the entire range of Italy’s cultural, political, religious and economic institutions.

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