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Seminars by Paolo Bartoloni in Queensland in August

paolo006Paolo Bartoloni (NUI, Galway), an Honorary Research Associate of ACIS, will be giving a series of talks during his visit to Australia, sponsored by the University of the Sunshine Coast, in August and September. Here are the dates, places and titles of his talks in Queensland:

Aug. 20: University of the Sunshine Coast: ‘Transcultural expression and the threshold between commercial tourism and cognitive experience’. 1 pm.

Aug. 28: University of Southern Queensland: ‘Meaningful places? Italian transcultural atmospheres: the Italian Forum in Sydney and Piazza Vittorio in Rome’ (with Francesco Ricatti). 2.00pm – 3.00pm, Q501.

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Seminars by Paolo Bartoloni in Melbourne, 2-8 Sept 2014

2 Sept. Swinburne University: Svevo’s “ordigni”: writing, technology and modern life in La coscienza di Zeno. (Contact Sabina Sestigiani for details)

3 Sept. RISM/IIC: Italo Svevo and James Joyce: affinities and differences. (6.30 pm, Italian Cultural Institute, 233 Domain Rd, S.Yarra)

4 Sept. Monash University: Meaningful Places and Meaningful Lives. (Contact Rita Wilson or Leah Gerber for details)

8 Sept. Melbourne University: Transcultural expression and the threshold between commercial tourism and cognitive experience. (Contact John Hajek for details)

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Ever wanted to see how translation works?

Brigid Maher   La Trobe University

Have you ever wondered how translation actually works? Where do translators begin, what is their process, and how long does it take? Colleagues based in Melbourne will get a chance to find out at Translation Nation, an innovative event taking place in late May, as part of the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

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RISM seminar 2 April 6.30 pm: Mirna Cicioni on Primo Levi

JE_PrimoLevi2-853x1024Research in Italian Studies in Melbourne (RISM) is hosting a talk by Dr Mirna Cicioni, entitled ‘Dirty Secrets? Primo Levi and the Resistance‘, at the Italian Institute of Culture (233, Domain Rd, South Yarra) on 2 April at 6.30pm.

‘It is well known that Primo Levi was deported to Auschwitz as a Jew, but was arrested (on 9 December 1943) as a member of one of the first Resistance units in the Val d’Aosta. I look at some debates which took place in Italy in early 2013, after the publication of two books whose main focus is a ‘dirty secret’ of Levi’s partisan unit: the trial and execution of two young members. My discussion is mainly in the context of Levi’s work, but it also touches on other literary accounts of “partisan summary justice” and on what the British historian John Foot calls Italy’s “divided memory”, namely the tendency for conflicting narratives (personal, public, cultural) to emerge from crucial moments of Italian history.’ Continue reading

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Carlo Lucarelli a Melbourne il 3 luglio


Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Melbourne, in collaborazione con Monash University, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics



Data: mercoledì 3 luglio

Ora: 6.30 pm

Luogo: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, 233 Domain Rd, South Yarra

Ingresso libero. Gradita la prenotazione: bookings.iicmelbourne@esteri.it

Carlo Lucarelli, nato a Parma, vive a Mordano, vicino Bologna ed è un affermato scrittore di letteratura “noir”, oltre ad essere sceneggiatore, autore teatrale, regista e conduttore di programmi radio e televisivi. Per la RAI ha condotto il programma tv Blu notte, attualmente intitolato Lucarelliracconta, nel quale ricostruisce la storia dell’Italia attraverso misteri insoluti. Lucarelli ha finora pubblicato molti romanzi Einaudi (tra gli altri ricordiamo Almost Blue, Lupo Mannaro, Giorno dopo giorno, Guernica) e la trilogia del commissario De Luca (Carta Bianca, L’Estate torbida e Via delle Oche) pubblicata presso la casa editrice Sellerio. Molti dei suoi racconti sono stati raccolti  nell’antologia Il lato sinistro del cuore, edita da Einaudi. Di recente ha fondato, con alcuni amici, la Bottega di Narrazione FINZIONI.

Carlo Lucarelli parteciperà a Murder and Mayhem in Translation, Literary Translation Winter School, Monash (Caulfield) dal 27 giugno al 1 luglio.

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RISM: Seminar by Brigid Maher on 30 April

RISM (Research in Italian Studies in Melbourne) portando-tutto-a-casa11organized by Italian Studies at Monash University and the Italian Culture Institute invites everyone interested in things Italian to the seminar:

“From one moment to the next we are no longer ourselves”: The 1980s as a decade of transformation in Nicola Lagioia’s Riportando tutto a casa


Brigid Maher (La Trobe University)

30 April at 5.30 pm

Italian Institute of Culture
233 Domain Rd, South Yarra

The 1980s brought considerable change to Italy: greater affluence in some sectors of society, the advent of commercial television, increased globalization and Americanization, and some significant technological developments. In this talk I will explore how these different kinds of transformation are portrayed and critiqued in Nicola Lagioia’s 2011 novel Riportando tutto a casa. Starting out with the arrival in Italian homes of the television comedy show Drive In (“the laughter that was to bury us all”), the novel depicts the period as one of both personal transformation – these are the narrator’s formative years – and societal transformation, as new sources of wealth and status coalesce with historically rooted phenomena such as a culture of favours and the problem of organized crime. I will also touch upon some of the challenges that come up in translating this cultural and historical milieu into English.

Everyone welcome!

For information about RISM please contact Dr Patrizia Sambuco.
Booking for catering purposes, email: bookings.iicmelbourne@esteri.it

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DisLocated Readings: Translation and Transnationalism

ASAL mini-conference, 21-22 February, 2013 – Monash University Caulfield Campus

Translation & Interpreting Studies and the National Centre for Australian Studies


The transnational reception of Australian literature within global literary markets and and readerships suggests that national frameworks are being superseded and mediated by an increasingly ‘transnational’ imaginary.
This ASAL mini-conference seeks to map the wider coordinates of the transnational currents of Australian literature. Contemporary literary scholarship is interested in how the effects of globalization might shape Australian literature in its broadest definition: including travel writing, life-writing, migrant, refugee and Indigenous fiction, as well as writing and translations in languages other than English.
This 1.5 day symposium will explore the effects of translation (in both inter- and intralingual forms) on our textual relationships with the region and the world.
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Power of Luxury flierTo mark the 500th anniversary of Machiavelli’s composition of The Prince, a group of Italian, Australian and US institutions –  the Embassy of Italy in Canberra, the Australian Institute of Art History of the University of Melbourne (Melbourne), the Fondazione per l’Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (Milan and Florence), the Museo Poldi Pezzoli (Milan), the Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (Florence and Naples) and the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Los Angeles) – has organised a series of international symposia with the participation of leading Renaissance scholars. The first, The Power of Luxury: Art and Culture at the Italian Courts in Machiavelli’s Lifetime, will be held at the University of Melbourne on 19-20 February 2013. Registration is free, and the programme, abstracts and details of the location can be found here.

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Call for papers: new perspectives on gender in Italian culture and society

A one-day symposium at Victoria University of Wellington

15 February 2013

Questions of gender and sexuality are increasingly prevalent and wide-ranging in Italian Studies, with scholarly work both interacting with and informing new and existing cultural and theoretical discourses. This one-day symposium aims to bring together researchers working in these areas in New Zealand and Australia as an opportunity for sharing ideas, exploring interests and building contact between departments. Continue reading

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