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Crime fiction in Italian: who reads it?

David Moss   ANU

Italian crime fiction has been the topic of several posts which have raised questions about its authors, their protagonists and those protagonists’ family lives.

Credit Miles Cole

Credit: Miles Cole

There’s another kind of question we can ask: who reads this particular literary genre? (And if its consumers are clearly skewed in terms of class, gender or age, we can then wonder if writers are aware of this and shape their stories according to what they think will appeal to their most enthusiastic readership). An ISTAT-Multiscopo survey carried out in 2006, containing some comparisons with a similar survey taken in 2000, provides a few answers. Continue reading

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Translating globalized popular culture

Brigid Maher   La Trobe University

Translating cultural references can be very tricky, but some cultural references have an international reach, and the internet is making the translator’s – and perhaps also the reader’s – work easier, though also a little fragmented at times. I wrote recently about some difficulties that came up when translating snippets from Drive In, an Italian commercial television show of the mid-1980s that, according to Nicola Lagioia in Riportando tutto a casa, marked a decisive (and lamentable) change in the country’s television culture. As I work my way through the translation of this novel, set in Bari in the eighties, more and more references to popular culture are appearing. Many are far less culture-specific than Drive In though, belonging instead to a kind of shared youth culture of the West.

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