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Emotional geographies of Italian transnational spaces

Francesco Ricatti   University of the Sunshine Coast

CSR 19(2)The new issue of Cultural Studies Review (volume 19 issue 2) includes a section I have co-edited with Maurizio Marinelli on Emotional geographies of the uncanny: reinterpreting Italian transnational spaces. Our aim was to read transnational spaces constructed and inhabited by Italian migrants and settlers to Australasia as emotional spaces of uncanny perceptions, memories, narratives and identities. Drawing inspiration from the Freudian suggestions about the uncanny (das unheimliche), and later interpretations by Heiddeger, Derrida, Kristeva, Bhabha, Žižek, and Ahmed, we refer to the uncanny as the emotional reaction to something that is, at the same time, familiar and unfamiliar, homely and unhomely. The uncanny then becomes an aesthetic frame through which experiences of migration and colonialism can be read and interpreted. Continue reading

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Proxy brides and promised lands

Louisa Mignone   Sydney

Latte e Miele still 1Proxy marriages uniting single lonely men in Australia with women from war-torn areas of Europe were a common practice in Australia from the 1920s to the 1960s. They were a practical solution to a clear problem: in 1954, for example, for every 100 Italian-born women, there were 203 Italian-born men living settled in Australia. The government therefore opened our shores to women from Italy with the result that boatloads of proxy brides arrived in Australia with the promise of a better life. Women left their families and travelled to the other side of the world to marry men that they had never met – a prospect which seems both frightening and brave.

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