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Ricordando Maria Bentivoglio

Laura Mecca racconta qui la vita di Maria (poi Marie) Bentivoglio. Italiana, nata a Torino nel 1898, emigrata in Australia ancora in fasce, Maria si laureò a Sydney in chimica e geologia e nel 1921 fu la prima donna australiana a ricevere una borsa di studio all’Università di Oxford dove ottenne un DPhil. Dopo, la sua vita fu dedicata allo studio, all’insegnamento (universitario ma anche corsi di inglese per gli immigrati italiani in New South Wales) e alla ricerca. Teneva corsi di lezioni all’Università di Sydney e in diverse università statunitensi. Nel 1936 si stabilì a New York con il marito appena sposato (di origini nobili da San Remo) dove rimase, lavorando nell’industria chimica, per vent’anni. Tornò prima in Italia e poi, dopo la morte del marito nel 1961, in Australia. Nel 1994, a novantasei anni, in riconoscimento dell’importanza delle sue ricerche le fu conferito un dottorato onorario di ricerca dall’Università di Sydney. Un suo ritratto, opera di Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo, è esposto alla Manly Art Gallery.

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Italians in Australia: past and present

Few recent historians or social scientists have written extended studies of Italians in Australia. Several collections – different authors analysing particular aspects of Italian lifeworlds – have appeared but Gianfranco Cresciani’s The Italians in Australia (CUP, 2003, updating his 1985 original) is the only example of an overall treatment. Now Francesco Ricatti’s Italians in Australia. History, Memory, Identity (Palgrave, 2018) aims to incorporate the demographic, social and cultural evidence gathered over the past twenty years (notably Loretta Baldassar on international caring, Antonia Rubino on language use, Catherine Dewhirst on the press, Simone Battiston and Bruno Mascitelli on politics) and integrate it into an overall portrayal of the Italian communities past and present. Work, family, language, religion, and politics are the organising topics, treated to emphasize – unlike many of the older discussions of such communities – the ways in which immigrants actively shape their own lives within well-known  institutional, social and cultural constraints. The outcome is valuable on two levels: as an introduction to the current literature for students and as a survey of issues for future scholarly research.

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Monash ACIS Postdoctoral Fellowship

ACIS and Monash University have established a two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in the University’s School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics, to be held at the Monash Prato Centre, for which applications are now invited. Candidates must have been awarded a PhD from an Australian or New Zealand university after 1 January 2012 in any area of Italian Studies and be either citizens or permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand. Graduates currently living in Australia under the Temporary Graduate Visa (485) will also be considered. The ideal candidate will have a strong research record at the intersection of Italian studies, migration studies, and/or participatory action research. A focus on transcultural practices, policy-oriented research, and/or community engagement will be an advantage. Full details of the position and application are available here. The now-extended closing date for applications is Tuesday 31 July 2018.


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Migrants and asylum seekers in Italy

Was Italy the desired destination in the minds of migrants and asylum seekers who are now settled there? What image, if any, of Europe did they have before they arrived? What picture do migrants from many different places have of the smugglers who help them move? Are Facebook and social media important channels of communication and decision-making for migrants? How should the false and incomplete information which migrants rely on be corrected? These and other issues are the topic of a recent report, based on interviews and fieldwork, prepared for the European Commission by Gabriella Sanchez and her co-authors, A study of the communication channels used by migrants and asylum seekers in Italy, with a particular focus on online and social media (2018).

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Migration to Australia: recent arrivals from Italy

Riccardo Armillei (Deakin) & Bruno Mascitelli (Swinburne)

300px-Australian_Census_2011_demographic_map_-_Australia_by_SLA_-_BCP_field_1126_Italian_Total_Responses.svgBetween 1945 and 1983 some 400,000 Italians, usually unskilled and with limited education, came to Australia as ‘permanent and long term arrivals’, most arriving between 1952 and 1970. Thereafter the annual intake fell steadily. However, in recent years Australia has become a destination for a new generation of migrants from Italy – this time young highly-educated Italians seeking fresh opportunities. The earlier wave has been exhaustively studied by demographers, linguists and sociologists but little is known or understood about the recent migrants. While their small numbers hardly indicate a new ‘boom’ time (pace Dalla Bernadina, Grigoletti & Pianelli, 2013; Grigoletti & Pianelli, 2014, Marchese, 2014), their experiences are nonetheless worthy of investigation. To this end, we used surveys and focus groups to examine the temporary and permanent migration from Italy to Australia over the period between 2004, when the so-called Working Holiday Arrangement between the two states was agreed, and 2016 (Armillei & Mascitelli, 2016).   Continue reading

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Jo-Anne Duggan Essay Prize 2015

Jo-Anne Duggan Essay Prize PosterWe are delighted to announce the outcome of the inaugural Jo-Anne Duggan Essay Prize sponsored by ACIS. The winner is Sally Grant, ECR (PhD, University of Sydney, 2013) for her essay on ‘The Eighteenth-Century Experience of the Veneto Country House: Andrea Urbani’s Decoration of Villa Vendramin Calergi’s Room of the Gardens’. Two entrants were highly commended: Crystal Filep (PhD candidate, University of Otago) for her creative work and exegesis ‘Intersection Unbounded’ and Kyra Giorgi, ECR (PhD, La Trobe University, 2013) for her essay ‘La speranza: Spaces of hoping, waiting and dreaming in Italian migration’.  The Panel for the Prize has provided the following summaries of the three entries …. Continue reading

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Al di là di Trieste: una letteratura di confine ancora poco nota

Gregoria Manzin   University of Melbourne

9781780885711La questione del confine orientale italiano pare ai più una disputa ormai conclusa e lontana nel tempo. In realtà la situazione di questi territori e delle genti istro-dalmate qui risiedenti rimase in sospeso fino al 1975, anno in cui vennero ratificati i confini tra l’Italia e la Iugoslavia con il Trattato di Osimo. Le discussioni sul confine tra le due nazioni si erano aperte alla conferenza di pace di Parigi del 1946. Al fine di risolvere le discrepanze tra la proposta americana e quella sovietica si optò per un compromesso territoriale. Rimaneva all’Italia la parte più occidentale della Venezia Giulia con le cittadine di Gorizia e Monfalcone, mentre per Trieste, città “perla” della regione, si propose la creazione del Territorio Libero di Trieste (TLT) sotto l’amministrazione delle Nazioni Unite.

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Belle (vocche curalline) oneste (simm ‘e Napule) sposerebbero ….

M&HPosterRemember the story of Carmela and Amedeo? (You cried a bit). Now, thanks to Louisa Mignone and Andrea Demetriades, you can meet their distant rellies Sofia and Liliana and Federico and Umberto. Same bush, same sandwiches (yep, still sweet), different script. Latte e Miele, a short gem which tells a fragment of the quartet’s story and has just been released, is available on DVD from the producer Annmaree Bell at Azure Productions (Shop 4a, 77-79 Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield NSW 2040).

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The Bilingual Cockatoo: Writing Italian Australian Lives

UnknownJohn Gatt-Rutter’s The Bilingual Cockatoo, a study based on more than 60 biographies and autobiographies of Italian Australians, will be launched by the author with Paolo Baracchi and Richard Freadman on Wednesday 30th April at 6.30 pm at the Museo Italiano, 199 Faraday Street, Carlton. Attendance is free, with light refreshment and drinks, but seats should be booked here or by telephone (03 9349 9021).

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‘The Savoy Ladies Group’: screening in Melbourne on 29 March

Flyer-Melbourne-V1-01-01This short documentary about women, tobacco farming, family and friendship in the heart of Italian-Australian rural Victoria will be screened at the Museo Italiano, 199 Faraday Street, Carlton on Saturday 29 March at 2.30pm. The event is free (RSVP: ihs@coasit.com.au; 93499021) and will be followed by a Q & A with the audience. The film celebrates the Italian heritage of the women of North-Eastern Victoria and will be introduced by Rosa Volpe, the group’s president, as she tells the story of Italians in the North-East, tobacco farming, women, family and friendship.

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