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Silk, Gold, and Renaissance Masculinity

Timothy McCall (Villanova University) will be giving a lecture, ‘Velvet Goldmine: Silk, Gold, and Renaissance Masculinity‘ on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 in the North Theatre (room 149), Old Arts Building, at the University of Melbourne (free but registration required here). The ruling men of Renaissance Italy wrapped themselves in silks and jewels, feathers and pearls. To dazzle the eye, they wore cloth-of-gold and cloth-of-silver, but sometimes the gems were made of paste, intended to deceive observers. All that glittered was not necessarily gold. Building from a study of material extravagance and the symbolic economy of male court fashions, this lecture explores the shining surfaces and things which adorned lords’ bodies and turns a critical eye to material fictions of luxury.  Continue reading

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Cinema, stars, masculinity, history

9781137381460An imminent book by Catherine O’Rawe, Stars and Masculinities in Contemporary Italian Cinemadeals with male film and television stars, using methodology drawn from star and performance studies and analysing how star bodies make visible contemporary anxieties about Italian masculinity. The author does not restrict herself to a given type of film, but discusses a variety of genres, from the culturally privileged directors’ cinema to critically derided teen comedies. In an interview with Alan O’Leary she describes the intellectual and personal background to her work and outlines some key features of her book, including the relations between masculinity and history.

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