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Language Interactions In Early Modern Europe

threedoorsThis conference, organized by Villa I Tatti and Monash University Prato Center, to be held on 21 November (I Tatti) and 22 November (Monash), explores the complex interactions between Latin and the vernacular in the context of early modern European medicine, philosophy, history, architecture, and rhetoric. For centuries, Latin was the lingua franca for science and the humanities, but in the course of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries vernacular languages competed for equivalent status. This conference is the first to take a pan-European look at the history of the relationship between Latin and the vernacular through the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Emerging and established scholars from diverse backgrounds will discuss the rich relationship between these languages building bridges between disciplines and methodologies.

The conference is free and open to all scholars, but RSVP
. For the program, see below. For abstracts, click here.

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