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Ministro o ministra? Sindaco o sindaca?

bg_articolo_standard-1The 2016 issue of Gender/sexuality/Italy, an annual peer-reviewed journal which publishes research on gendered identities and the ways they intersect with and produce Italian politics, culture and society, is devoted to the question of language and gender. The editor, Nicoletta Marini-Maio, sets in a historical and linguistic context the issues raised by how to address the minister Maria Elena Boschi and the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi. Other contributions include an analysis of the ways violence against women is presented in the media, the importance of gender, age and immediate context in determining variations between male and female language use, and a review of Over the Rainbow City. Towards a New LGBT Citizenship in Italy (2015) edited by Fabio Corbisiero.

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Purists, neo-purists and anti-purists: attitudes to foreign words in Italian

8f71921e-8f7c-43f3-9a7b-7e41dbea2cedMirna Cicioni (Monash University) will give a talk in English, ‘Purists, neo-purists & anti-purists: foreign words in Italian from the fascist ‘language campaigns’ to 2015′, at the RISM seminar to be held at the Italian Cultural Institute, 233 Domain Road, South Yarra, Melbourne on Thursday 9 April at 6.30pm. The talk’s starting-point is the linguist Valeria Della Valle’s documentary Me ne frego! Il fascismo e la lingua italiana (directed by Vanni Gandolfo, 2014), which shows how between 1929 and 1943 linguists and journalists close to the Fascist government participated in various campaigns for what was then called l’autarchia della lingua. Continue reading

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