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‘Beautiful sick body’: new issue of Mosaici

logoBeautiful sick body‘ is the title of the forthcoming issue (to be published on 26 April 2015) of Mosaici, the online journal of Italian poetry based at the University of St Andrews and directed by Rossella Riccobono. Previous issues have been devoted to La neo-avanguardia italiana: 50 anni dopo (2013), Poetry in Conflict (2012) and Parole, immagini, racconti. Cinque saggi su Cesare Pavese poeta (2011). The journal’s website also contains links to anthologies, essays, translations and reviews of Italian poetry.

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Something New on Machiavelli

7-ITC27013coverThe latest issue of Italian Culture (Sept 2014 vol.32, no.2) is dedicated to Machiavelli, introduced by Francesco Borghesi (Sydney), with contributions by Jean-Louis Fournel (Université Paris 8), James Hankins (Harvard), Diego Quaglioni (Trento) and Nicole Hochner (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The issue is part of the celebrations (if that is the right word) of the five-hundredth anniversary of the completion of The Prince and is also designed to make better known in English-speaking countries the work of scholars of Machiavelli and Renaissance political philosophy from elsewhere. (Also an opportunity to remind Deans: Dal momento che l’amore e la paura possono difficilmente coesistere, se dobbiamo scegliere fra uno dei due, è molto più sicuro essere temuti che amati).

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News from the journals – April 2013

7-ITC27013coverItalian Culture, the official publication of the American Association of Italian Studies with very wide coverage of disciplines and themes from the Renaissance to contemporary Italy, is offering free  access to its recent issues and other selected articles between April 1 and May 15.  Its publisher, Maney Publishing, is also involved in producing the series Italian Perspectives, now at volume 28,  with Legenda (Oxford) and the Modern Humanities Research Association.


A ‘Contrappasso’ against the decline in literary publishing

Theodore Ell   University of Sydney

With publishing and reading as we know them ceding ground to electronics (bookshops are closing – Florence just lost Edison and Libreria Martelli), the last thing you might expect anyone to do is found a journal for new writing.contrappasso1_frontcover_tn Last year, on the initiative of the writer Matthew Asprey, I helped to do just that. I curate the poetry, Matthew the prose. We are often told that we are brave to do this and even sometimes that we are insane, but to us it is a matter of simple necessity, indeed opportunity. To quote our founding statement, Instead of a Manifesto, “The fear of the decline of intelligent reading is so widespread that it proves what a huge audience is really there, primed and waiting for something new—publications with no particular agenda beyond helping writers and readers find each other.”

We called our publication Contrappasso Magazine, after the punishments meted out to souls in Inferno and Purgatorio: the equal, opposite and meaningful responses to the wrongs committed. The title suggests an Italian focus and the journal has already made some strong Italian connections, but its outlook is international. Continue reading

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