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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week – 17

italian-language-courses-300x240Roll up! Roll up! Wonder at the wags and windbags, jesters and pranksters! Be all ears for the buffoons and the bozos! Fools and figures of fun on standby too in this week’s talk by Gregoria. No kidding, Mr Fo and Mr Mayakovsky sirs, no mystery at all – she’s got a family of right droll folk for us …..

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Translating humour (without being too funny)

Brigid Maher    La Trobe University

I’ve recently been faced with an unusual challenge related to the translation of humour: how to be unfunny, or rather, how to translate bad jokes and catchphrases in all their punny, cheesy glory.

Humour translation is widely considered an especially tricky undertaking and it has been the focus of much of my research until now. Contrary to what some people think, humour can be translated. It sometimes requires creativity and reinvention, but then so do lots of other areas of translation. Continue reading

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