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New work on Italian poets: Piero Bigongiari and Giovanni Raboni

9781784622282_SMLTwo recent publications on 20th century Italian poets to be signalled. Theodore Ell’s A Voice in the Fire: Piero Bigongiari’s Poetry of War and Survival (Troubador, 2015) is the first detailed study in English of the work of Piero Bigongiari (1914-1997). It draws in particular on his wartime writing, from the major poetry collection Rogo (1952) to essays, diaries and new archival discoveries, to compose a portrait of an author abandoning the ermetismo of his early work in the search for greater emotional immediacy. Giovanni Raboni (1932-2004), poet, critic and translator, is the subject of the latest set of contributions to ReadingItaly. They include interviews with those familiar with the man and his work, a discussion of his relation to modernism, and a review by Maria Belova (Warwick) of his Every Third Thought: Selected Poems 1950-2004 (trans. Michael Palma, 2014).

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