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Dream, delete, disappear?

ca58a1fd-a718-4756-8792-3821e261006e-bestSizeAvailableA recent issue of the TLS (11 Sept) carries a long review of the work of Elena Ferrante, prompted by the appearance of the English translation of her Neapolitan quartet’s final volume, The Story of the Lost Child. The reviewer, Lidija Haas, deals with the book’s relation to its predecessors, emphasising Ferrante’s particular style in sensibility: how glittering surfaces cover putrescent rubbish, the violent dog untamed beneath the gorgeous skin. Haas also refers to the perceptive placing of Ferrante in an Italian feminist tradition by Dayna Tortorici (‘Those Like Us: On Elena Ferrante’ in n+1, issue 22) as well as to an interview with the author in the Paris Review (2015, no.212).

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