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Nasce l’Archivio degli iblei

Chiara Ottaviano   Cliomedia Officina


E’ online il portale dell’Archivio degli Iblei.  Gli Iblei comprendono i paesi del sud-est della Sicilia fra il ragusano e il siracusano, e l’iniziativa dell’archivio online è nata all’interno del Progetto Terramatta, il cui primo prodotto è stato il film documentario Terramatta; Il Novecento italiano di Vincenzo Rabito analfabeta siciliano. Il film, tratto dal libro quasi omonimo del chiaramontano Vincenzo Rabito (Einaudi, 2007), è stato presentato nella scorsa edizione della Mostra internazionale del cinema di Venezia e ha ricevuto numerosi riconoscimenti, tra cui il Nastro d’Argento 2013 come miglior documentario italiano dell’anno. Lo si potrà vedere a Melbourne il prossimo 3 dicembre in una serata organizzata dall’Istituto italiano di cultura e ad Adelaide nell’ambito del Convegno ACIS, dove Terramatta sarà anche tema di un panel.

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News from the journals – Italian film

Italian cinema has become increasingly well covered in journals recently. ITA_2011_thumb The Italianist, for example, has an annual Film Issue alongside its regular numbers which cover all aspects of Italian art, culture and life from the Middle Ages to the present day. In addition to articles on TV showgirls, Gina Lollobrigida, postwar crime, masculinities, unattainable horizons (no reference to masculinities intended) and a taste of D’Annunzio, the Film Issue for 2012 has a survey of recent political cinema by Luciana d’Arcangeli, a personal account of contributing commentaries to DVDs by Robert Gordon, and a summary of the contents of the Italian Cinema and Immigration Database which Guido Bonsaver described at the 2011 ACIS Conference in Melbourne. It also has an introduction to the recently-established  Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies (JICMS) by its editor, Flavia Laviosa, who has recently circulated a call for papers on the international dimensions of Italian film-making. And anyone interested in film-making in Australia by/about Italians will want to read Gaetano Rando and Gino Moliterno’s Celluloid Immigrant: Italian Australian Filmmaker Giorgio Mangiamele (ATOM 2011) which also has a very useful bibliography.

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Women and the Italian learned academies, 1525-1700


Accademia degli Spensierati

This week’s TLS (April 5) carries a full two-page ‘Commentary’ by  Jane Everson and Lisa Sampson summarising some results from their ongoing AHRC-funded research project on ‘The Italian Academies 1525-1700: The first intellectual networks of early modern Europe’. They examine the hitherto greatly undervalued role of women in the life of these early academies, not simply as the passive object of men’s praise or attention but as active participants in debates and publications. They point out that the extent of the contributions by women varies by creative genre – strong in lyric poetry and in painting but more problematic in the world of drama and the theatre. Involvement of women as patrons – rarely authors – of dramatic productions was quite common, especially in the courts of North Italy. But the ambiguous social status and dubious respectability of performers – actors, singers, musicians – must have caused many early modern mothers to heed Noel Coward’s advice, ’Don’t put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington’. It’s a fascinating survey which can be followed up, with full details of the research, personnel and activities, on the project’s website. (DM)

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