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Celebrating the Life of Dario Fo: “Contra Jogulatores Obloquentes”

Sally Grant   New York

Dario Fo died last Thursday, 13 October, at the age of 90. Rather than fumbling to find the right words to honour this great anarchic jester, we thought we’d let the masterful teller of yarns do it for us by linking to his acceptance speech for the 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature. In “Contra Jogulatores Obloquentes” (“Against Jesters Who Defame and Insult”) Fo records his debt to earlier clowns and storytellers, particularly the actor-playwrights Ruzzante and Molière. Fo’s description of these men and the fear their art evoked could well describe his own theatrical skills and how he, along with his wife and frequent co-performer Franca Rame, were received by the political establishment:

“Above all, they were despised for bringing onto the stage the everyday life, joys and desperation of the common people; the hypocrisy and the arrogance of the high and mighty; and the incessant injustice. And their major, unforgivable fault was this: in telling these things, they made people laugh. Laughter does not please the mighty.”

But it pleases, and emboldens, the not-so-mighty. For those gifts, and as you take your last bow, Jester Fo, we give a standing ovation.


CFA Spunti e Ricerche -special issue on Dario Fo and Franca Rame

UnknownThe Editorial Committee of Spunti e Ricerche, a refereed journal of Italian Studies, invites submissions for volume 31 (2016) on Dario Fo and Franca Rame. 2016 will mark Dario’s 90th birthday and this special issue can cover any aspect of the artists’ life, whether alone or as a couple, including but not limited to:

  • Theatre and performance from their beginnings through to present day
  • Songs
  • Radio, film and television
  • Art, including theatre sets, props, puppets and paintings
  • Dario Fo’s books on people, history, and art
  • Dario Fo and Franca Rame’s political experiences and writings

Expressions of interest (including a 150-300 words abstract and short 100 word bio) should be sent to the special issue editor, Luciana d’Arcangeli,  by 29 January 2016.

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Dario Fo’s ‘Johan Padan’: Melbourne, February 4-15, 2015

Johan Padan poster - 45 DownstairsWhere in the world is stowaway, scoundrel, shaman, and saint Johan Padan? Propelled into the New World by the flames of the Inquisition, Johan becomes an adventurer in spite of himself. Performing fantastical feats of surgery, prophecy and love, Johan’s tale is history told from the bottom up – in a world where riding your luck might be the death of you but riding a pig will save your life. An irreverent alternative to official commemorations of Columbus’ voyages, Johan Padan is an epic monologue with a cast of thousands. Written by Dario Fo, it will be performed in English translation at the fortyfive downstairs theatre in Melbourne (45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000: bookings on 03 9662 9966) from February 4-15, 2015.


Joe Farrell on Dario Fo and Franca Rame

darioefranca_3d-369x489Join us on Tuesday 8 April at 6.30pm at the Museo Italiano, 199 Faraday St, Carlton, Melbourne, for the presentation by Joe Farrell (University of Strathclyde) of his two recent books. His interview with Franca Rame, Franca Rame: non è tempo di nostalgia (Della Porta Editori) was published in July 2013 and his biography of Dario Fo and Franca Rame, Dario e Franca: La biografia della coppia Fo/Rame attraverso la storia italiana (Ledizioni, Milano), in February 2014.

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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week – 17

italian-language-courses-300x240Roll up! Roll up! Wonder at the wags and windbags, jesters and pranksters! Be all ears for the buffoons and the bozos! Fools and figures of fun on standby too in this week’s talk by Gregoria. No kidding, Mr Fo and Mr Mayakovsky sirs, no mystery at all – she’s got a family of right droll folk for us …..

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