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Prof Martin McLaughlin at Monash University: three key events in September and October


Italian Studies and RISM at Monash University are pleased to announce the visit of Prof Martin McLaughlin (University of Oxford) who will join us for two weeks at the end of September as Distinguished Visiting Scholar. During his visit Prof McLaughlin will give the following public lecture to which everyone is warmly invited and which will take place at the Monash Caulfield Campus, room S/S230 on TUESDAY OCTOBER 1, at 5.30pm.

Calvino, Eco and the transforming power of world literature

Italo Calvino and Umberto Eco wrote many essays on world literature, so much so that they would both have been major literary critics even if they had not written any novels.

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RISM: Seminar by Brigid Maher on 30 April

RISM (Research in Italian Studies in Melbourne) portando-tutto-a-casa11organized by Italian Studies at Monash University and the Italian Culture Institute invites everyone interested in things Italian to the seminar:

“From one moment to the next we are no longer ourselves”: The 1980s as a decade of transformation in Nicola Lagioia’s Riportando tutto a casa


Brigid Maher (La Trobe University)

30 April at 5.30 pm

Italian Institute of Culture
233 Domain Rd, South Yarra

The 1980s brought considerable change to Italy: greater affluence in some sectors of society, the advent of commercial television, increased globalization and Americanization, and some significant technological developments. In this talk I will explore how these different kinds of transformation are portrayed and critiqued in Nicola Lagioia’s 2011 novel Riportando tutto a casa. Starting out with the arrival in Italian homes of the television comedy show Drive In (“the laughter that was to bury us all”), the novel depicts the period as one of both personal transformation – these are the narrator’s formative years – and societal transformation, as new sources of wealth and status coalesce with historically rooted phenomena such as a culture of favours and the problem of organized crime. I will also touch upon some of the challenges that come up in translating this cultural and historical milieu into English.

Everyone welcome!

For information about RISM please contact Dr Patrizia Sambuco.
Booking for catering purposes, email: bookings.iicmelbourne@esteri.it

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