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Cassamarca lecturer Luciana D’Arcangeli opens the SAGA Adelaide Film Festival

Luciana D'Arcangeli with Mona Khazim

Luciana D’Arcangeli, Cassamarca Lecturer at Flinders University, was recently invited to open the second SAGA Adelaide Women’s International Film Festival. Inaugurated in Stockholm, and dedicated to showcasing the work of amateur as well as professional female film makers, this year’s Adelaide SAGA showed a selection of 36 films. SBS’s Magica Fossati recorded this interview with Dr D’Arcangeli (pictured at left together with Mona Khazim the founder of SAGA).



New research trends in Italian screen studies

New research trendsThat’s the title of an iTunes U course of talks and video-conference sessions on Italian screen studies, organised by Dana Renga (Ohio State University), delivered by ten scholars from the US and UK, and viewable free through iTunes. Topics include: teen film, fascist colonial cinema, neorealism, mafia cinema, migration cinema, serial television, star studies, the terrorist film and the biopic, new queer cinema, popular cinema and the cinepanettone, and postfeminism. The course takes stock of the discipline, considers what changes we have seen over the last decade, asks where we are now, and reflects on where we might be headed.

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Cinema, stars, masculinity, history

9781137381460An imminent book by Catherine O’Rawe, Stars and Masculinities in Contemporary Italian Cinemadeals with male film and television stars, using methodology drawn from star and performance studies and analysing how star bodies make visible contemporary anxieties about Italian masculinity. The author does not restrict herself to a given type of film, but discusses a variety of genres, from the culturally privileged directors’ cinema to critically derided teen comedies. In an interview with Alan O’Leary she describes the intellectual and personal background to her work and outlines some key features of her book, including the relations between masculinity and history.

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