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Alice’s Adventures in Fascist Italy

Caterina Sinibaldi   Universities of Warwick and Bath (U.K.)



Front and back cover of Lewis Carroll, Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, transl. by Mario Benzi (1935). Copyright Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Florence.

When I mention the hostility faced by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland during the Italian Fascist regime (1925-1943), people usually react with surprise. How could such an innocent, harmless tale be perceived as a ‘moral threat’ by Fascist authorities? Surely they must have been too concerned with silencing political opponents and maintaining their grip on the country to care about a naïve children’s story.

Scholars who have been studying Carroll’s masterpiece from a variety of disciplinary perspectives (including mathematics, philosophy, and literary studies) have drawn attention to the complexity of Alice, whilst also highlighting its innovatory aspects. Continue reading

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