Research workshop 10-11 August 2018

                                       ACIS Research Group
                   Literature, Culture and Communication

                                     Research Workshop, 10-11 August 2018

                      La Trobe University Collins Street Campus, Melbourne

                                                        Call for Papers

The LCC research group’s first event will be a 1.5-day workshop devoted to “Exploring and Translating Stratified Multilingual Landscapes”. The aim of the workshop, free to participants, is to explore linguistic and cultural contact zones that are stratified with multiple levels. Such stratifications are typical of globalization, as cultural flows and population movement mark out new trajectories for confrontation and exchange. The focus of the workshop will be on asymmetrical translingual and transcultural exchanges, and on non-mainstream, non-standard or localized responses to transculturality in the Italian context.

We now invite proposals for 15-minute discussion papers on topics related to this theme. We welcome works in progress, proof of concept presentations, as well as panels and roundtables. We look forward to receiving contributions from a wide range of disciplines and sub-disciplines, including but not limited to literary studies, cultural studies, linguistics, film studies, language teaching, translation studies, anthropology, and migration studies. Participation by postgraduates and early-career scholars is encouraged and we expect to be able to make a small amount of travel funding available to postgraduate students who are accepted to present at the workshop.

Abstracts (max. 300 words), with a short biographical note, should be sent to Brigid Maher by FRIDAY 1 JUNE. Presenters will be officially informed of acceptance by 15 June.

Invited speaker

Dr Carol O’Sullivan, Translation Studies, University of Bristol, will speak about bilingual subtitling experiments from Italian into both English and Irish in the late 1940s.

This free event, organized by the ACIS Research Group on Literature, Culture and Communication, is sponsored by the Australasian Centre for Italian Studies (ACIS) and La Trobe University. For more information on the Workshop or on the Research Group, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact Brigid Maher.

Research Group Steering committee
Brigid Maher (La Trobe University)
Claudia Bernardi (Victoria University of Wellington)
Gregoria Manzin (La Trobe University)
Rita Wilson (Monash University)