Narratives of Women’s Empowerment in RAI Film Series

RAI has been the object of media studies, cultural studies and gender/women’s studies in the past fifteen years. The purpose of this panel is to explore the role played by television in the production of gender specific narratives in contemporary Italy, reflect on the changing of women’s roles, and analyze gender representations. Particular attention will be given to the concept of empowerment by comparing men and women on the basis of authority, problem solving skills, age, value systems and beliefs, behaviors, physical strength, style, dependence or independence, personal goals and strategies to achieve them. Contributions to this panel will explore RAI film series portraying women characters (detectives, writers, scientists, educators, lawyers, medical doctors, criminals, nuns, prostitutes), their challenges and struggle.

Please, send: 250 word abstract and 150 word bio-note to Flavia Laviosa at by 10 July 2018.