Jo-Anne Duggan’s writings

Here is a list of links to Jo-Anne Duggan’s writings:

1. Her guide to The Impossible Gaze exhibition. Click HERE.

2. Introduction by Bill Kent to the catalogue of her Invisible Presences exhibition. Click HERE.

3. ‘Examples’,  In Printed Project 4. The New PhD in Studio Art, James Elkins (ed), (2005) pp.46-57. Click HERE.

4. ‘Rinascimento through a contemporary lens’, in Bill Kent, Ros Pesman and Cynthia Troup (eds), Australians in Italy: Contemporary Lives and Impressions, Clayton, Vic., Monash ePress, 2008. Click HERE.

5. ‘A Curious Practice: The Complexity of Viewing Art’, International Journal of the Arts in Society (2009) 4 (4): 31-42. Click HERE.

6. A Site of Convergence: Celebrating 10 Years of the Monash University Prato Centre,(with Cynthia Throup). Clayton, Vic., Monash University Publishing, 2011. Click HERE.

7. ‘Other Spaces: migration, objects and archives’, Modern Italy (2011) 16 (3): 315-28. Click HERE.

8. ‘The riches of ambiguity: art as a site for the senses’ in Estelle Barrett and Barbara Bolt (eds), Material Inventions: Applying Creative Arts Research, London & New York, I.B. Tauris, 2014, pp. 109-123. Click HERE.

A full list of Jo-Anne’s exhibitions and writings can be found in her CV here.

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