Jo-Anne Duggan essay prize

Jo-Anne Duggan (1962-2011) was a great artist and a great friend of ACIS. Her artistic practice left what is arguably the richest and most compelling recent collection of photographs by an Australian artist to engage with Italian culture, history and art. Her work demonstrates not only artistic rigour and depth but also remarkable breadth, spanning from public spaces/places of Italian diaspora in Australia to enquiries into the re-contextualisation and museification of Renaissance art, from Australian archives of Italian migration to complex case studies on the legacy of the Gonzagas. In her research-led and interdisciplinary endeavour, Jo-Anne asked crucial questions and opened up original paths with regard to the construction of space/place, our relationship with the past and its reception, and the role of photographic art in mobilising and questioning the viewer’s gaze, starting from what she called her ‘postcolonial eye’.

To honour her memory, ACIS, with the generous support of Kevin Bayley, The Colour Factory and the editorial committee of Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, established a biennial Jo-Anne Duggan Essay Prize which was awarded for the first time in 2015. The aim of the Prize is to foster and expand Jo-Anne’s rich creative, artistic and scholarly legacy in order to maintain enquiry into the nexus between creative practice and research, especially among younger/emerging scholars. The Prize is designed to keep Jo-Anne’s questions alive in order to continue to learn from her own answers.

The details of the GUIDELINES for eligibility and submissions for the 2017 Prize are available here. The guidelines for creative works and their exegeses can be found here.

A list of links to JO-ANNE DUGGAN’S WRITINGS is on a separate page on this menu.

Her CV, which includes a complete list of her exhibitions and writings, can be found here.