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Researching Italians in Australia: war and internment

123063Among the sources of funds which postgraduate researchers can apply for are scholarships offered by the National Archives of Australia/Australian Historical Association to cover the costs of copying records held in the Archives. A recent winner is Mia Spizzica, a PhD candidate at Monash University, whose research is concerned with the experience of Italians interned in Australia during the Second World War. The loss of the breadwinners –  some 5000 men were interned after Italy declared war on Britain and France in June 1940 – had a serious impact on their families so that the consequences of wartime security measures extended directly or indirectly to some 30,000 Italians. Continue reading

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Something New on Machiavelli

7-ITC27013coverThe latest issue of Italian Culture (Sept 2014 vol.32, no.2) is dedicated to Machiavelli, introduced by Francesco Borghesi (Sydney), with contributions by Jean-Louis Fournel (Université Paris 8), James Hankins (Harvard), Diego Quaglioni (Trento) and Nicole Hochner (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The issue is part of the celebrations (if that is the right word) of the five-hundredth anniversary of the completion of The Prince and is also designed to make better known in English-speaking countries the work of scholars of Machiavelli and Renaissance political philosophy from elsewhere. (Also an opportunity to remind Deans: Dal momento che l’amore e la paura possono difficilmente coesistere, se dobbiamo scegliere fra uno dei due, è molto più sicuro essere temuti che amati).

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Disability Rights and Wrongs in Italy

cmit20.v019.i02.cover‘Disability rights and wrongs in Italy’ is the title of the recent special isssue of the journal Modern Italy (2014, vol.19, no.2) edited by David Forgacs and Rachele Tardi. It contains a number of very informative articles by academics and activists on legal and substantive aspects of disabilities in Italy along with their historical, cultural and social contexts. A particularly interesting contribution is by Sally Hill, ‘A family affair: the depiction of disability in contemporary mainstream Italian cinema’ (pp.169-181), which underlines the importance of films in establishing perceptions of disability and focuses on its representation in Andrea Molaioli’s La ragazza del lago (2007).


Fieldwork in Italy Survival Kit

Catherine Williams   La Trobe University

Having recently returned from a four-month research trip to Italy, I’ve been reflecting on my experiences in the hope that my own mistakes might save other researchers who, like me, are just starting out, both time and frustration: Continue reading

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La legge è uguale per tutti…or is it?

Catherine Williams   La Trobe University

Upon hearing that Italy’s Constitutional Court has today released the reasons for its decision on the conflict between the powers of the President and the powers of Palermo’s Office of Public Prosecutions, the first thing that came to my mind was that comforting phrase inscribed on all Italian courts of law: ‘la legge è uguale per tutti’ (a maxim of such importance it is even given a constitutional guarantee in Article 3 of the Italian Constitution).

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