ACIS Cassamarca scholarships for postgraduate research in Italy in 2017

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ACIS congratulates the three winners of the ACIS Cassamarca scholarships for postgraduate research in Italy in 2017. Paola Di Trocchio (University of Technology Sydney) has been awarded the Dino De Poli Scholarship for her project, Reading fashion in the museum through a case study of Anna Piaggi, Walking Museum, which investigates the life and work of Anna Piaggi (1931-2012), journalist, stylist and Vogue Italia contributor, and her impact on fashion culture and the museum. Anna Piaggi was a major figure in design and fashion history in Italy and beyond. In The Machine and the Arch  Shayani Fernando (University of Sydney) will examine traditional stone architecture in Italy, seeking to learn from past masonry structures to build for the future, expanding our knowledge to improve the maintenance and restoration of sandstone buildings in Australia. She will investigate dry stone construction techniques in Alberobello and take up a position as scholar-in-residence in Bari. The project of Julie Robarts (University of Melbourne), The poetry and the person of Margherita Costa, is a study of the early published poetry and Lettere amorose of Roman virtuosa singer, Margherita Costa (c1600-1664). It will be the first philological study of Costa’s poetry, and the first cultural-historical study of her authorship.

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