Place and culture in Italian crime fiction: AJCF special issue

Italian-Crime-Fiction-468x252The Australian Journal of Crime Fiction has just published a special issue, ‘Place and Culture in Italian Crime Fiction‘, edited by Barbara Pezzotti and Brigid Maher and available free online (vol.2, no.1, 2016).  The editors discuss the ways that authors have used crime fiction to depict, criticise or endorse features of local and national society; they also note the shifting meaning of ‘impegno’ and its historically controversial application to the genre. Andrea Camilleri is the central figure in several contributions: Emilio Lomonaco examines the relation of his style to traditions of Sicilian story-telling; Giuliana Pieri interviews him on the nature of European and his own crime fiction; and Alistair Rolls explores issues of translatability through the English version of La forma dell’acqua (1994). Margie Michael identifies the sense of placelessness that characterises works by Roberto Costantini and the New Zealand author Paul Cleave; and Piera Carroli unravels the multicultural complexities of Marilù Oliva’s trilogy set in Bologna: Tù la pagaras!, Fuego and Mala suerte (2010-12). Finally, capturing in her title the protagonist’s equal interest in toxicology and designer handbags, Brigid Maher offers a translation of the first two chapters of Alessia Gazzola’s L’allieva (2012).

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