University Languages Portal Australia

mcvid_youtube_EnPIjgQal_Y_300University Languages Portal Australia (ULPA) was launched at the LCNAU Colloquium in November 2015. This national languages portal is designed for both the secondary and tertiary sectors and for language teachers and students alike. It enables users to find out which languages are taught at which universities in Australia, along with information on cross-institutional enrolment, whether languages can be studied online and the value of learning languages. While ULPA focuses particularly on languages offered at beginner level, information is also included for secondary students keen to continue on with their language studies at university. Click on the icon above for a presentation on what ULPA has to offer.   The ULPA project team would be very grateful if you could assist in dissemination and promotion of the site, as well as providing feedback on areas for improvement. The following would be particularly helpful:
– Send any comments about the ULPA site through its ‘Contact’ page;
– Let people know about ULPA by circulating the news about it to schools, careers advisers and secondary school students;
– Share the link to the YouTube video on your website or Facebook page;
– “Like” the ULPA Facebook page
– Add a link to ULPA from your institution’s/association’s webpage and/or share it from relevant Facebook pages.

For further information contact Anya Lloyd-Smith (LCNAU).

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