La Voce Della Luna

La Voce Della Lunaluna_yarra_cd_cover is a Melbourne-based multi-generational Italian women’s choir which has been singing Italian folk songs since 1996. In Songs of Motherland, at the Museo Italiano, 199 Faraday St, Carlton on Thursday 19 November at 6.30pm (free but booking essential), with their musical director since July 2013, Elvira Andreoli, they will be presenting their third CD, a collection of songs from Italy from the 16th century onwards and from Australia, realised with the collaboration of indigenous singer-songwriter Joe Geia, the Neapolitan singer Annamaria Colasanto, multi-instrumentalist Phil Carroll and hurdy-gurdy aficionado Alexander Parise. The choir’s repertoire speaks of love, loss, war, poverty, pain, turmoil, rebellion and injustice, celebrations, harvest, the seasons, joy, of ‘times gone by long ago’, as well as the ever-present ‘nostalgia’ of the migrant experience.

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