In the TLS of November 6

TLS_Cover_November_1189764mThis week’s Times Literary Supplement (6 November) has several items to interest Italianists. Joe Farrell reviews Tim Parks’ A Literary Tour of Italy, describing it as ‘an invitation to share enjoyment, bringing a narrative brio to the summary of works unlikely to be known to English-language readers’.  David Collard notes a new translation of Sam Dunn è morto (1917) by Bruno Corra (1892-1976), a briefly Futurist author for whom the reviewer borrows the description ‘a figure of major minorness’. For Venetophiles and anyone who has an urge to follow complete strangers wherever they lead, Lucy Scholes signals the appearance of a new edition – ‘a beautiful work of art in itself’ – of Sophie Calle’s Suite Vénitienne, originally published in 1983.

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