Cinéphilia, Anyone?

promo-cpm-master_tnThe latest (special) issue of Contrappasso, ‘Writers at the Movies’, is an irresistible invitation to revisit your inner cinema paradiso. Although not directly about Italian film (but in their wide-ranging introduction Noel King and Matthew Asprey Gear cite the cinéphilia of the young Italo Calvino, auto-analysed in his essay ‘L’autobiografia di uno spettatore’ (1974) written as a preface to a selection of Fellini’s film scripts), the contents (essays, interviews, fiction, poems) will surely be of interest to anyone looking at responses to cinema in general and to some directors and actors in particular. Hitchcock? Welles? Kazan? Present. Claire Danes? Sal Mineo? Montgomery Clift? Them too. The Black Dahlia? Clementine? Elvis? Couldn’t be left out. Definitely worth the price of admission.


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