Australia past and future in Italian: Melbourne 23 May 2015 @ 2pm

La MamaPresented for the first time in Italian translation at La Mama Courthouse (205 Faraday Street, Carlton) on Saturday 23 May at 2pm, Australia Past & Future is a reading of two plays by Australian playwright David Mence, translated into Italian by Angela Tarantini (Monash University) and directed by Laurence Strangio. Convincing Ground (Il Baleniere) is set in Western Victoria in 1838. William Dutton staggers around in his old whaler’s hut, drunk and in a world of his own. Each night he is visited by his long-dead Aboriginal wife, Renangh. He cannot tell if she is a ghost or a figment of his imagination, and in his dilapidated condition, he no longer cares. But tonight is different. He senses the end is nigh, and before he dies, he must speak the truth about the night they last saw each other—the night the Convincing Ground got its name. The Gully (La Gola) imagines Australia in 2109. Catastrophic environmental collapse has rendered the continent a parched wasteland. Marauding bands of ‘crows’ roam the wastes making life nasty, brutish and short. Yet in an old stone hut hidden in a ravine three men eke out an existence. They have stumbled onto a miracle: a freshwater creek. It is a secret that they will kill to preserve. To book seats, call La Mama (03 93476142) or book online HERE.

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