Luzi, Parronchi, Bigongiari: call for new work to celebrate their inspiration

logoThe editors of MOSAICI: Learned Online Journal of Italian Poetry are calling for submission of new work for the journal’s Creative Writing section. Last year marked the centenary of the births of Mario Luzi (1914-2005), Alessandro Parronchi (1914-2007) and Piero Bigongiari (1914-1997), poets who are admired but often go unsung. MOSAICI invites poets and writers on poetry to submit new work inspired by them or the spirit of rediscovery. Continue reading for details ….

We invite submissions in the following categories:

1) Single (unpublished) poems (any length, in Italian or in English on Italian subject, maximum 4 per individual), in the following categories:

i) ‘Poesia come risveglio di memorie perdute’

ii) ‘Poesia ispirata a Mario Luzi e alla sua generazione’

Please state the category, include a title and provide a few lines of biographical details.

2) Short (unpublished) essays (1000-2500 words), in Italian or English, on the creative (poetic) writing process.
(eg: inspiration, genesis, scale, timescales, forms/modes of composition, influences, writing in a foreign language, self-translation, Italian language and poetry abroad).

Please include a title, abstract (100-150 words) and biographical details.

All submissions will be considered for publication by two or more members of the editorial board. Work in any style is welcome for consideration.

Deadline: 25 September 2015.

For work submission or any further information please contact Theodore Ell or Rossella Riccobono.

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