Something New on Machiavelli

7-ITC27013coverThe latest issue of Italian Culture (Sept 2014 vol.32, no.2) is dedicated to Machiavelli, introduced by Francesco Borghesi (Sydney), with contributions by Jean-Louis Fournel (Université Paris 8), James Hankins (Harvard), Diego Quaglioni (Trento) and Nicole Hochner (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The issue is part of the celebrations (if that is the right word) of the five-hundredth anniversary of the completion of The Prince and is also designed to make better known in English-speaking countries the work of scholars of Machiavelli and Renaissance political philosophy from elsewhere. (Also an opportunity to remind Deans: Dal momento che l’amore e la paura possono difficilmente coesistere, se dobbiamo scegliere fra uno dei due, è molto più sicuro essere temuti che amati).

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