Seminars by Paolo Bartoloni in Queensland in August

paolo006Paolo Bartoloni (NUI, Galway), an Honorary Research Associate of ACIS, will be giving a series of talks during his visit to Australia, sponsored by the University of the Sunshine Coast, in August and September. Here are the dates, places and titles of his talks in Queensland:

Aug. 20: University of the Sunshine Coast: ‘Transcultural expression and the threshold between commercial tourism and cognitive experience’. 1 pm.

Aug. 28: University of Southern Queensland: ‘Meaningful places? Italian transcultural atmospheres: the Italian Forum in Sydney and Piazza Vittorio in Rome’ (with Francesco Ricatti). 2.00pm – 3.00pm, Q501.

Transcultural expression and the threshold between commercial tourism and cognitive experience

Transnationalism has been defined as the ability to sustain “contacts and travels across national borders” (Ahmed, 2003); and the transnational agent, not without analogy to the cosmopolitan one, is understood as the “mediator of different traditions” (Held, 2002). These two insights into the transnational link movement in space to cultural intervention, and allude to the inevitable symbolic engagement with place, which in the case of the transnational agent translates into a transcultural process of imagination and production. In this talk I wish to focus my attention on the production of transcultural urban realities, whose identity is intriguingly poised on the edge of opportunism and cultural innovation; I’m referring to the Italian Forum in Sydney, and the Sicilian Fashion Village in Agira, near Catania. These two places make a strong investment in the concept of a globalized world in which the specificity and uniqueness of the local gain relevance in the context of their celebration but also in their capacity to be shared by the global multitude of the culturally curios and consumption oriented. One of the many issues stemming from this discussion is to contrast and compare the will towards seduction and profit and the search for a new cognitive space predicated on original modes of production.



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