Autonomy, federalism, history: regional tensions in North and South

cropped-logoscritte-univ-01The latest issue of ReadingItaly is devoted to the analysis of regional tensions in both North and South Italy. Marco Meriggi (Naples) examines the Northern Question and the different ideas of federalism proposed by Gioberti and Cattaneo. George Newth (Reading) traces the links between the Movimento per l’Autonomia Regionale Piemontese (MARP), active in Turin in the 1950s, and the Lega Nord, focusing on their attachment to the myth of ‘Padania’. Filippo Tronconi (Bologna) looks at the changes in the Lega’s attitude towards Europe, particularly the ‘Europe of the Regions’, in its policies and practices. And Manoela Patti (Palermo), who supplies some very useful bibliographical references, recalls the support for separatism in Sicily which developed in the confusing power struggles of 1943-44.

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