Viva l’Italia – by City and Region

51Bq6y5c+TL._SX385_An exhibition entitled Viva l’Italia. A Regional Romp through Italy is running from 11 June to 5 September 2014 (8.30-5.00 Mon-Fri) at the de Beer Gallery, Special Collections, University of Otago in Dunedin, NZ. It is constructed around images of Italian cities from a 17th century copy of Pietro Bertelli’s Theatro delle Citta d’Italia (1629). On display are books from the collections of Willi Fels, Esmond de Beer and Charles Brasch, including William ThomasThe Historie of Italie (1549); Thomas Martyn’s The Gentleman’s Guide in his Tour through Italy (1787); Alexandre de Rogissart’s Les Delices de l’Italie (1706); Henry Kipping’s Antiquitatum Romanarum, Libri Quatuor (1713); and Jean-Jacques Boissard’s Pars Romanae Urbis Topographiae & Antiquitatum (1597). D. H. Lawrence’s Sea and Sardinia (1921) and Samuel Butler’s Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton Ticino (1923) also feature – all interspersed with works by Piranesi, carnival characters and Italian recipes.

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