Ever wanted to see how translation works?

Brigid Maher   La Trobe University

Have you ever wondered how translation actually works? Where do translators begin, what is their process, and how long does it take? Colleagues based in Melbourne will get a chance to find out at Translation Nation, an innovative event taking place in late May, as part of the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

Translation might be a mystery to most, but it’s an essential part of our literary tradition and the world of writing. At this unique event, you’ll have a chance to watch a single text in English – a prose poem by emerging writer Oscar Schwartz –being translated into multiple languages – Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Indonesian and Spanish. Walk around a room dedicated to translation, take a seat and watch the art of translation live, and ask as many questions as you like of the translators. Wake your passion for language! The live translation will be followed by a panel discussion with four of Australia’s most exciting emerging translators, exploring translation as a creative act and the growing market for translation, as well as the challenges posed by the text selected for the day’s activity.

Featuring Lintao Qi, Angela Tarantini, Olivia Waren, Alice Whitmore and Brigid Maher.

The event is sponsored by Monash University.

1-3 PM, Wednesday 28 May 2014
The Wheeler Centre
176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (accessible venue)
Admission is FREE

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