Invitation to become a member of LCNAU

logo-header-lcnau-dsLCNAU (Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities) works hard to support all languages and languages academics in the tertiary sector. In 2013 LCNAU provided significant support to protect programs and academics across Australia, including at Curtin University and University of Canberra. The challenges facing tertiary language programs are diverse, and we are keen to listen and respond to the issues. To maintain our work we are now inviting you to become a member of our network.

LCNAU aims to be proactive in highlighting the dynamism in teaching, research and outreach evident in the languages and cultures sector.  Our national LCNAU Colloquia (2011 Melbourne and 2013 Canberra) provided excellent opportunities for networking, and sharing of such best practice. And participants at these national events have also enjoyed the significant benefits of attending them – without charge. We trust that the experience of your colleagues will confirm the value of the National Colloquia. The 2011 refereed proceedings are available online for global dissemination, while we are currently working on the 2013 refereed proceedings. These activities, and more, will continue to be important features of LCNAU’s operations into the future.
In mid-2013, LCNAU achieved its goal of becoming an incorporated association.

We are very fortunate that with institutional support we are able currently to maintain a small part-time secretariat. However, we also need support from members, as well as participation and involvement, for LCNAU to continue successfully into the future.
Annual membership is very reasonable at just $75 annual charge + $20 initial joining fee (special concession also available) and has a number of benefits. It is our understanding that membership may also be tax deductible as a work expense.
We would be grateful if you could fill in the membership form and complete your payment (by credit card/PayPal, direct deposit or cheque). The membership flyer also contains detailed information about LCNAU.
Any encouragement you could give to your colleagues to join would also be much appreciated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to working with you in the Network,

John Hajek, President

Anya Lloyd-Smith (Woods), Secretary and Treasurer

On behalf of the LCNAU National Committee

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