Blogs we like #8

cropped-logoscritte-univ-01The 20th anniversary of the first works in Italian written by emigrants to Italy has been an occasion for reflecting on migrant and postcolonial literatures. Reading Italy, the blog of the Reading University Italian postgraduate forum, contains four interesting contributions to current debates. Simone Brioni (Warwick) discusses his film Aulò. Roma postcoloniale  which is part of a broader documentary project on Italy’s colonial presence in the Horn of Africa inaugurated in 2009 with La quarta via and developed in Aulò by the evocations of Africa in Italy itself, especially Rome. Fulvio Pezzarossa (Bologna) looks at the different currrents within the field of migrant literature and the ways in which Italy’s publishing houses have taken them up. Daniele Comberiati (Université Libre de Bruxelles) summarises some of the considerations on Italian identity developed in his «Affrica». Il mito coloniale italiano attraverso i libri di viaggio di esploratori e missionari dall’Unità alla sconfitta di Adua (1861-1896) (Cesati, 2013). And Chiara Giuliani (St Andrews) identifies the key factors which have led her into her current work in progress on Italian postcolonial literature and the issue of space.

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