Rome’s Casa delle Traduzioni

Brigid Maher   La Trobe University

Casa delle Traduzioni 1Colleagues working in the area of Translation Studies, particularly those translating Italian literature, might be interested to know about a wonderful new(ish) resource in Rome, the Casa delle Traduzioni, a small library and residence for translators.

The Casa was established in mid-2011 and is part of Rome’s network of libraries. Its growing collection includes publications in the field of Translation Studies, particularly the theory and practice of literary translation, as well as translations of Italian literary texts into numerous languages. There is a sizeable collection of translations of the novels of Elsa Morante, as well as a range of contemporary Italian fiction in English put out by Europa Editions, the New York arm of Edizioni e/o. The public events program includes workshops and training seminars for aspiring translators, talks by literary translators, and screenings of translation-themed films.

Casa delle Traduzioni 2The location right in the centre of Rome (in via degli Avignonesi), as well as the connections with the rest of the city’s library network, makes the Casa delle Traduzioni a wonderful place to work. Practising literary translators can apply for a residency at the Casa, which has two lovely ensuite bedrooms and offers residents the use of a fully equipped kitchen. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks staying there and have relished the opportunity to re-connect with Italian culture while working on literary translation and research. The welcoming and peaceful atmosphere is a real delight.

More information about the collection, the facilities, and the application process for visiting translators, is available on the Casa delle Traduzioni website.

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