Murder and Mayhem in Translation



Literary Translation Winter School: French, Italian and Spanish

Monash University Caulfield Campus, Melbourne, Australia

June 27, 28, 29 and July 1 2013

This year’s exciting event merges the theme of crime fiction with translation. We are very excited to confirm the following authors and translators: 

French Stream: Author DOMINQUE SYLVAIN and translator JEAN ANDERSON

Italian Stream: Author CARLO LUCARELLI and translator BRIGID MAHER

Spanish Stream: Author LORENZO SILVA and translator IMOGEN WILLIAMS

In partnership with the British Centre for Literary Translation, Monash University’s Translation and Interpreting Studies program is running its annual literary translation winter school aimed at students, writers, professional translators, language teachers and anyone interested in literary translation!

The school consists of a week-long residential program of hands-on translation practice accompanied by public talks and panel discussions addressing a wide range of topics, as well as networking opportunities.

Daily translation workshops are led by both an expert translator and the author of the text to be translated.

For more info on registration, rates, location and accommodation, click here.

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One thought on “Murder and Mayhem in Translation

  1. DM says:

    On the theme of translation (but not crime): Tim Parks has just published (March 28) on the NYRB blog a very interesting set of reflections on translating a selection of entries on emotions from Leopardi’s Zibaldone. He begins: ‘I’m starting a translation, my first for many years, and at once I’m faced with the fatal, all-determining decision: What voice do I translate this in?…’

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