“Coming out” in Italian families – a film screening and community event

On Sunday 28 April 2013, between 1.00pm – 6.00pm at Trades Hall, Lygon St, Carlton, AGMC Inc. will host a free community event. The event will bring together a group of Italian-Australian GLBTIQ individuals and their families (parents, partners and children) to talk about their “coming out” experiences

The Australian Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer Multicultural Council (AGMC Inc.), is the peak body that represents the interests of Australian GLBTIQ individuals/groups from multicultural and multifaith backgrounds.

AGMC Inc. recognises that the Italian-Australian community is one of Australia’s largest migrant groups; and like many other migrant groups where there is an intersection of faith and culture, GLBTIQ individuals often face additional difficulties when addressing issues related to their sexual identity.

AGMC Inc. will hold this event against the backdrop of the successful AGEDO Project, a project undertaken by Italy’s equivalent to PFLAG, supporting the parents of GLBTIQ individuals. This will include a screening of a short film (with English subtitles) produced and directed by Italian film-maker, Claudio Cipelletti. Claudio has worked closely with AGEDO (the Association of Parents and Families of GLBTIQ family members) and the film highlights the emotions and the transitions many families in Italy have made from their initial difficulties through to the full and unconditional acceptance of their children.

Rita De Santis, the convenor of AGEDO, Claudio Cipelletti himself, and Dr Chiara Bertone, Italy’s renowned researcher in GLBTIQ family studies, will be on Skype or video to say hi. The film screening will be followed by discussions, entertainment by Elvira and her band – “i vagabondi” with their cheeky twists on traditional Italian songs, and of course afternoon dolci!

AGMC Inc. aims to use this event as a catalyst for future events and research with other multicultural groups in Victoria. Academic administrator and researcher, Dr Tony Mordini, a member of the Organising Committee has commented – “We believe this project has wider scope and reach. The issues that will be raised through these narratives are not exclusive to Italian parents and their children. People of all races, cultures and creeds will resonate with them.”

Open to all, please come along and enjoy an afternoon of stimulating and lively film, conversation, food and music. RSVP with numbers attending to –

RSVP to agmc.org.au/agedo

For media interviews or event details, please contact

Tony Mordini tony.mordini[at]gmail.com


One thought on ““Coming out” in Italian families – a film screening and community event

  1. What a great initiative! I hope it goes very well.

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