LCNAU Biennial Colloquium, 3-5 July 2013, ANU

John Hajek   University of Melbourne

The Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities (LCNAU) will be holding its second Biennial Colloquium at the ANU, 3-5 July 2013. The deadline has been extended for submission of abstracts – which must be submitted electronically via the Colloquium 2013 website and NOT by email – to Friday 21 December. 
Entitled “Policies, Practices and Research in University Language and Culture Programs”, the  Colloquium will provide languages educators from across the country with the opportunity to participate in the strengthening of the sector through engagement and discussion on the following topics:

• Contemporary research: language and culture

• Technology Enhanced Language Learning and Digital Humanities

• Culture in the language classroom: defining, using, teaching

• Linguistics in the language classroom: defining, using, teaching

• Innovative practices in the classroom

• Less commonly taught languages at the university (indigenous languages, classical languages, etc.)

• Collaboration across languages: translation, comparative studies and beyond

• Pathways in language learning: transition and retention

• Language policies in practice

• Teacher education

• National curriculum development

In order to maximize participation across the sector, a flexible mode of delivery will be offered, and no registration fee will be charged. Details of the registration process will be available soon.


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